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Welcome to Glamper Tech! We’re a small team of outdoor enthusiasts with the mission to provide expert research and unbiased reviews on the world’s best outdoor gear. Throughout our website, you’ll find both top tier gear and affordable gear to help improve your outdoor experiences. From camping to hiking and everything in between, our goal is to give our readers honest opinions of leading outdoor brands and equipment. We also share gift guides and product comparisons periodically, so tune in for the latest updates! Glamper Tech is run by husband and wife team, Madison & Jeremy Alderman. We have a balance of men’s and women’s buying guides, gear, and product reviews throughout the site. Looking for something specific? Contact us to leave suggestions for new gear to add to the site, or stop by and say hello. We’d love to hear about your adventures!

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  • Best Inflatable Paddle Boards for 2022

    On the shores of Lake Tahoe, where crystal clear, turquoise water glistens amidst towering mountain peaks, there is a magnetic pull to the beauty that surrounds it. Considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, this natural treasure is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. This year-round outdoor playground offers twelve ski resorts, […]

  • Best-Gifts-for-Mountain-Bikers

    Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers in 2021

    Mountain biking is one of the most addictive sports in the world. Mountain biking originated in California in the late 1970s, to develop a form of off-road cycling that would be less expensive than traditional downhill mountain biking. This led to the use of bicycles originally designed for dirt roads, such as BMX bikes. The […]

  • Best Hydration Packs

    Best Hydration Backpacks for 2022

    When it comes to hiking, there are few things better to have by your side than a good hydration backpack. These packs are specifically designed to transport water and make drinking more convenient while on the trail. With most hydration packs, you don’t ever have to stop or slow down to use them. Simply grab […]

  • Best Snowboarding Base Layers

    Best Snowboarding Base Layers for 2022

    A decent base layer is vital to keep you dry and warm so you can be chill on the mountain, as it can save you dry by pulling the sweat and moisture away from your skin.  Wearing a vigorously insulated coat, you will, in any case, feel freezing cold on the chairlift due to a […]




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