The Sea Eagle (pronounced “Sea-Gull”) SE 330 is a popular tandem inflatable Kayak. It is great for both beginners and experienced kayakers. The very comfortable design and structure make it easy for kayakers of any age group to handle it. It comes up with a carry bag and can be shrunk to a very small size when deflated, which makes it very easy to carry anywhere and travel with.

It is versatile and lightweight, yet can hold up weight around 220Kg. If you’re looking for a durable kayak that is not damaged after a few uses, then this is the best economical for its specifications kayak, with an average rating of 4.7/5 by users all over.

Key Specifications of the Sea Eagle SE 330

  • Weight: 11.7Kg/ 26Pounds
  • Size after inflation: 11.2ft x 2.10ft
  • Size after deflation: 2.1ft x 4.7ft
  • Weight handling capacity: 2 Kayakers/ 220 Kg (500 Pounds)
  • Suitability: “can be paddled on flat water, white water (it’s rated up to Class III rapids), and ocean surf, and it’s equally responsive as either a solo or a tandem kayak.”

Sea Eagle SE 330

In Stock at Sea Eagle and Amazon from $299

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Design and Construction 

The effective design is easy to lever for beginners and skilled kayakers. It expands in as little as 6 minutes. It’s supported by a 3-year warranty, making it a brilliant asset in a fun, sporty kayak you can use for enjoyments for a very long time. In addition, it is supremely suitable to store – you can plainly leave it in the corner of your cupboard until you want to use it, then just take it out and begin with the fun.

Durability and Strength

The company Sea Eagle took a lot of care picking their materials. The exterior(hull) is made out of a high-quality PCV that is durable, strong, and made out of 33 mil poly Kyler with fused seams I-beam tubes running along the lengths of the body. The said kayak is also constructed to be used in the open, and so is sun and saltwater-resistant, bettering the durability and adaptability of this tandem kayak. Decoded into what your fingers feel is a canvas-like plastic-type waterproof material. The storing bag is somewhat remarkably constructed from substantial canvas with thick shutting ropes and a broad carry strap. The Sea Eagle is also the only boat tested that offered protection for the non-removable skegs.

Handling and control 

Built of a sequence of very large tubes, the Sea Eagle SE 330 is lofty and stays afloat very efficiently – you won’t be paddling low in the water in this Kayak! The two contained within seats can be positioned anyplace inside the boat, and so permit a lot of adjustability for diverse ways of paddling and numerous size paddlers. You can even put in only one seat if your partner couldn’t turn up for the day. The Sea Eagle 330 also has two small skegs on the bottommost, to help the boat path in a straight line in the water. Moreover, it has a scupper hole to benefit water drain from the boat when you are paddling, so you don’t end up floating in a bathtub full of water by the period you end up thinking you’ve had enough.


The SE330 has deluxe level seats that are relaxed, comfortable, and durable, with 5-unit tall seating for extreme comfort and perceptibility. Made completely of air tubes, the boat is a soft and practically comfortable thing to sit in. The seats can be positioned anyplace within the boat, which supports in finding your ideal situation to spend a lazy p.m. winding around the water body. The paddle clutches are plastic and comfortable on the hands while molded effectively to get you anywhere you’re trying to go. 

Easy Setting Up

While some products come with a difficult set of setting up instructions, this product comes with instructions given in an easy language accompanied by pictures. An easy-to-use simple inflation gauge helps initiate the right amount of air pressure, and the foot pump included with it makes the inflating process of this ride pretty quick and effortless. The paddles come in two fragments and snap collected with ease. When you are done riding the waters, the boat comes to a foldable, deflated size in a matter of minutes and can be stored back easily in its carry bag.

Made of a water-resistant PVC, there’s no necessity to leave your boat to dry in the sun for a long time after your sport – simply wipe it dry with a towel or dry cloth to remove debris and avoid trapping that damp water smelt in with your kayak, and you’re ready to roll! Fitting this bad boy back in the carry bag is very easy and leaves a lot of space for the foot pump and paddle to fit in too. As anyone would like to see on an inflatable kayak, it structures multiple air chambers, three to be accurate that confirm extreme flexibility and that if you puncture one chamber, you will not descend or sink. This is a vital safety specification that we want to have in all expandible kayaks.

Check out the full video review from Sea Eagle.

Although there are a number of companies out there manufacturing inflatable kayaks, so at some point, a customer is bound to ask, “Why should I buy a Sea Eagle?” The brief answer is, “Because they make excellent inflatable kayaks at a reasonable price with durability.”

Sea Eagle is a family commercial that has been manufacturing quality inflatables of all kinds since 1968. They are continually advancing and improving their projects, and they take notice of their buyers’ recommendations and remarks, with the outcome that their products are always growing.

Sea Eagle is so assured of their products’ quality, plus they offer a full 180-day return policy on boats and kayaks – along with a three-year warranty in contradiction of manufacturing defects.

The Sea Eagle SE 330 is durable enough for Whitewater, has numerous air chambers, good tracking, and a three-year warranty. It’s undoubtedly the best inflatable Kayak to have.

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Sea Eagle SE 330 Kayak

Sea Eagle SE 330

Available at Sea Eagle and Amazon from $299

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