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The Atlas Montane Snowshoe has outshone its competitors considerably in more than just a few fields. A great snowshoe, the product entails a deck-to-binding attachment, which is suitable for rigorous snow hiking. The Atlas Montane features an incredible tubular design and is the best in its league. It entails reliable traction and features a tremendous binding system that ensures speed and durability. The snowshoe’s robust design does not pinch or otherwise compromise the circulation in your feet. Apart from this, it offers more surface area and a deck/binding interface. However, if you are still not convinced, this product review will thoroughly assess the snowshoe, highlighting some of its most crucial aspects.

Atlas Montane Snowshoe

Atlas Montane

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Overview of the Atlas Montane

Highlights include: 

  1. Snowshoe Floatation 

The Atlas Montane registers about 176 square inches of floatation. Although it is on the low side for a snowshoe of its length, a reflection of the tapered shape helps with its stride ergonomics. However, if seasoned hikers were to compare Atlas Snowshoe, other 25-inch extended models entail more surface area. 

  1. Featured Traction

The product offers incredible traction of all the standard tubular frame snowshoes. You would not notice any slipping or sliding while in the mountains. Durable steel teeth featured under the binding are augmented with toothed steel rails beneath the heel.

  1. Stride Ergonomics

This aspect is one of the most crucial areas of difference between top performers and the Montane. In the Atlas Montane, the deck is attached to the binding with a sturdy strap. This feature further offers considerable cushioning on hard snow or groomed trails. If you bought it, you would also find that the strapped connection would allow you to walk with a slightly more natural gait. However, as the terrain would become more technical and challenging, seasoned hikers tend to prefer a hinged attachment.

  1. Binding 

The Atlas Montane is the most comfortable snowshoe, a claim that has been substantiated by several reviewers. The nylon binding strap featured in the product is woven through several comprehensive plastic parts, which evenly distributes the load while minimizing pressure points. Apart from this, two small pieces of foam padding further add to the cushion. 

  1. Easy to Use 

You would find that the Montane Atlas is extremely easy to put on. To test for a comfortable snowshoe, it must test its worth on two factors. First, the yellow nylon strap right across the foot should be comfortable to reach for. Second, the rubber strap that pulls around the heel should be durable enough to not loosen over time. Many reviewers observed that with the Atlas Snowshoe, the buckles on both straps were easy to put on. Apart from this, the removal was also convenient. The front two straps are linked by a gnarly webbing that allows hikers to open both the belts at once.

  1. Binding Durability 

The Atlas Montane’s binding is more than durable enough as compared to various snowshoeing products. While the rubber strap binding system present in some models lets hikers crank the binding down as tight as a tourniquet, reviewers believe that is usually overkill. The Montane binding, when adequately tensioned, will keep this snowshoe on your foot.

  1. Value for Money 

Since the product offering from Atlas does well in all ways, reviewers believe that it is a reasonable purchase. If you want the strapped deck-to-binding connection, the Atlas Montane’s Snowshoe is the right fit. 

Glamper Tech Editors Choice

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The Atlas Montane “Mountain Hiking” Snowshoes are eight three by four quarters wide and almost 30 inches long. The ‘SLS,’ also known as the Spring-Loaded Suspension, offers fiber reinforced rubber binding to enhance the deck mount system. The product entails pull-to-tighten nylon straps to adjust to the users’ size. The spring loaded field enables a switchable heel lift bar to supersede functionality. For every seasoned hiker who wants high-quality gear to facilitate their out-of-the-way adventurous escapades, the Atlas Montane’s Mountain snow hiking shoes are the perfect product. Reviewers recommend these snowshoes to anyone who wants to enjoy outdoor adventures. These shoes would be a great addition to your outdoor kit since they are definitely the keeper. 

The spring-loaded suspension entailed by the product keeps the snowshoes close for easy maneuvering and suspends the user’s feet so that they can move freely while embarking on a hike. It also enhances absorption impact and allows natural foot flexion to smooth out your walk. The All-Trac toe crampons offer comfortable traction for a seamless experience. It further provides a firm footing even on rugged sidehill terrain. Apart from all these revolutionary features, the product also engages Wrapp Swift binding technology for a flawless fit that offers excellent comfort and ease of use. The snowshoes’ Nytex decking is flexible, durable, robust, and comfortable so that you can focus on your tail and snow. The heel-lift bars ease the ankle fatigue that users might get on a challenging hike. The new EZ Heel Buckles provide more excellent stability than its competitors. The manufacturer recommends 120-200 lbs for the load of the hiker. The product offers excellent flotation and keeps you stable even through the deepest of snow. The teethy crampons provide stability and security even during the roughest of terrains. However, the nylon straps may need to be tightened every now and then. You can also purchase a pair of gaiters to remedy the snow being pushed onto your legs with each step. 

In Conclusion

The Atlas Montane translates the pinnacle of the tubular frame snowshoe design and represents a reasonable purchase. As such, it is an adequate snowshoe. It also keeps all but the most demanding hikers happy and satisfied. If you bought the Atlas’ Montane Snowshoe, you would almost never worry about traction. While a little more floatation for the length is desirable, it is reasonably comfortable to hike with these incredible snowshoes strapped to your feet. Speaking of strapping them to your feet, the process entailed by the product is easy and secure. If any other model were to outscore the Montane, it would have some different frame or deck arrangement, which misrepresents the innovative directions this incredible product employs. 

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Atlas Montane Snowshoe

Atlas Montane

In Stock at Amazon from $230

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