The ENO SkyLite Hammock is a lightweight, double-layered hammock made with a revolutionary new material that is durable and strong. It has an attached mosquito net to protect you from bugs and other insects. The SkyLite is also the only hammock with an integrated suspension system that can hold up to 400 pounds.

The ENO SkyLite Hammock is about as close to sleeping in the sky as we’re going to get!

We’ll review everything you’d need need to know about this hammock before you make the investment. One of our favorites for 2021, by far.

ENO SkyLite Hammock

ENO SkyLite Hammock

Overall Rating: ★★★★★

What You’ll Love

• Clear, mesh mosquito net

• Lightweight

• Storage capacity

More to Consider

• Suspension system sold separately

• Zips about 1/3 of the way

The hammock is as durable as it is lightweight. ENO is a trusted brand in hammock design and manufacturing for over two decades. It has strong nylon/mesh material that can withstand heavy weather and provides solid stability for days. Here are the technical specifications:

  • Folded dimensions: 4.5 inches X 15 inches
  • Unfolded dimensions: 84 X 36 inches
  • Sleeping capacity: 1 person
  • The material used: 40 Denier NewWave nylon and SkyWeave Lite mesh
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Capacity: 400 pounds

Best for: Camping, Backpacking & Hiking

In Stock at REI and Amazon from $169

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Top Features of the ENO SkyLite Hammock:

Below are some of our absolute favorite features of ENO SkyLite Hammock:

  1. It has a 7 ft. spacious long body, which offers the perfect surface for a supportive sleeping experience.
  2. The hammock is light in weight and made with breathable fabric (40 Denier NewWave Nylon).
  3. It has a rip-stop pattern which allows great comfort, strength, and stretch.
  4. ENO SkyLite hammocks come with ultralight DAC spreader bars, which are made with green anodization. The bars make it much faster to connect the hammock. These are removable, collapsible, and portable.
  5. The hammock includes SkyWeave Lite mesh for attached bug net protection. It’s definitely a must-have for any overnights near a lake or river.
  6. It features dual zippers with ENO pulls, which makes the entry and exit even more convenient.
  7. To enjoy the starry nights, you will have a tent-inspired door as well.
  8. It has dedicated pockets for small gear like your phone, wallet, water bottles, etc.
  9. The hammock is made with a no-knots-needed design, making for a quick and easy setup and takedown.

What are the benefits of the ENO SkyLite Hammock?

Along with durability and extended support, there are many benefits of using the ENO SkyLite Hammock.

  • Comfort:

It offers superior comfort as compared to other hammocks that are available in the market. Because of the flat surface, you can comfortable rotate sleeping positions and sleep soundly on your side, back or stomach. There is a cord system in this hammock that holds the bug net. The bug net gives you the feel of a true tent with ample space inside, with which you can easily read or move without any hassle.

  • Light in weight:

If comfort is your top priority, then this hammock is definitely for you. Despite having an integrated bug net, the hammock is still incredibly lightweight. It packs up with ease into backpacks as small as 18L. Anything smaller may be a tight fit with other gear, but if you’re a minimalist it’ll fit just fine. Traditional hammocks are heavy in weight. The ENO SkyLite is built different with premium, compressible Nylon & Mesh.

  • Protection and durability:

With the attached bug net, it provides great protection from bugs and falling debris from trees or wind. The netting can be open wide, but it is not removable. However, you can secure it at the ridgeline. For easy entry and exit, there are zippers included, which are easy to use and offer great convenience. The netting also works to protect you from light rain and wind.

Treat yourself with this backpack and a great adventure ahead.

ENO SkyLite Hammock

ENO SkyLite Hammock

In Stock at REI and Amazon from $169

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