Gone are the days when backpacks were only intended to carry your stuff. Today’s designs are fashionable, practical, and much more than ever before, with features that complement any lifestyle and activity you can think of.

There are ultra-durable adventure packs intended for robust outdoor use, styles designed especially for hiking or biking, creative photographer rucksacks, and even hip designer items that can turn you into an icon of style.

Today, we’re going to review the Petzl Bug 18L Backpack, which is capable of protecting your travel essentials, abounds in cool, exclusive features, and is built to fit everything from laptops to camera equipment. If you are a digital person or a world wanderer with a love for the outdoors, or a style-savvy urban adventurer, the Petzl Bug 18L Backpack is worth buying for you. 

So, let’s dive in to know everything about the Petzl Bug 18L backpack.

Petzl Bug 18L Petzl Bug 18L BackpackBackpack

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Overview of the Petzl Bug Climbing Pack

The Petzl Bug is best described as a convenient climbing bag. It’s effortless to pack because of its volume and does a fantastic job of holding all the essential equipment you need for an intense climb. However, it lacks some aspects and is also considered one of the heavier climbing packs on the market.

Considered to be highly adjustable, the climber can easily get the ideal fit, while the lightweight nature is perfect for better mobility during climbing. Both the sides and the bottom of the pack are lined with high-tenacity material designed to increase durability.

This model is also available in two color options: orange or grey. While some of the higher-priced climbing packs may not be affordable, what it provides is adaptability and functions that are precisely what you need in a climbing backpack to help you get where you have to go.

Specifications of the Petzl Bug

The most common aspect you should have in mind before purchasing a backpack is to know all the product specifications. Let’s take a look at this:

  • Dimensions (cm): 40x28x10
  • Back Length (cm): 40
  • Hydration Compatible: Yes
  • Ice Axe Holder: No
  • Material: Nylon
  • Removable Belt: No
  • Volume: 18L
  • Weight: 525g

Features of the Petzl Bug

The Petzl Bug pack is a reliable option for a small climbing pack built for short to medium duration multi-pitch rock climbs. Although a little on the heavier side (1lb 2.5oz) compared to other models in this group, it is evident that Petzl used extra weight to create some toughness and well thought out features. Let’s break it down:

  1. Comfort and Durability

The subtly curved shoulder straps coupled with the simple rectangular shape are not precisely shouting ergonomic design. However, most climbers enjoy using this pack during an intense climb. It could also be an excellent pack to use while you’re hiking in the backcountry.

Part of the pack’s high weight is due to the back panel’s extra padding, which significantly increases the pack’s overall comfort.

  1. Weight

The Petzl Bug tips the scales to 18 ounces. Nothing on the pack is reversible because this is the weight that users are stuck with. We wish, at least, that the hip-belt pack was reversible. We believe that this is the Bug’s well-padded back panel that looks plumper than most of the competition.

  1. Climbing Utility

The Bug is set to a reasonably solid aspect. It’s got an outer pocket that’s spacious but hard to get in when the pack is full. The generous inside zip pocket is where the main clip resides. The sternum strap buckle does not double like a whistle. This pack has one unique feature: the topo pocket that lives in the pack’s back panel.

The Bug has all the usual hydration system features, except for a loop or clip to secure the hydration tank’s top. We also found that this allowed 2-3L tanks to flop around (unbalancing the pack) or even fold over (compromising water flow).

  1. Capacity

The Bug has an eighteen-liter size contained within a rectangular shape, so packing is pretty simple. You can also easily access most of your belongings, including items that have been packed in the bottom.

It’s bulkier and heavier than some climbers would like to use as a half-day bag. But it can easily be doubled as a carry-on bag or a laptop pack that you can use while switching to and from work. So, in terms of versatility, it scores high.

Pros & Cons of Petzl Bug 18L Backpack

Anything available on the market today has some pros and cons. The same goes for the Petzl Bug 18L Backpack. Have a look at the Petzl Bug 18L Backpack and its upsides and downsides so that you can make a wise decision whether you should buy it or not!


  • Durable
  • Plenty of storage
  • Highly adjustable
  • Decent capacity size
  • Incredibly comfortable


  • Not big enough for longer climbs or hiking trips.
  • The pack is too heavy for some people.

You can see that the benefits of the Petzl Bug 18L Backpack are considerably more significant than the contraries, so you can probably opt to buy this backpack for better comfort and capacity.

This backpack is better used as a climbing pack, but it will also work well for quick day hikes, as a carry-on while commuting, or even as a commuting pack if you prefer this bag for a bike and home.

As you can see, this has a variety of uses so, without any doubt, this pack is the perfect option. For rock climbing, it is maneuverable and compact enough. It can also stretch so that you can store enough equipment in it for a day of exploring. You’ll undoubtedly want to give the Bug a first glance if you’re looking for a daypack that fits as well outdoors as it does indoors.

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Petzl Bug Climbing Pack

Petzl Bug 18L Petzl Bug 18L BackpackBackpack

In Stock at Amazon from $69

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