The Petzl Meteor is a surprisingly lightweight, well-designed, and comfortable climbing & ski helmet. It’s made with EPS foam in a polycarbonate plastic shell to shield it from an external view. The helmet utilizes a plastic slider bar change system in the back, which is both necessary and advantageous and gives a more extensive scope of change than the very moderate webbing changes found on the more significant part of the pricier and lighter helmets.

This helmet suits climbing and ski mountaineering, with a back flexible bungee that can hold a headlamp tie or ski goggles, and with a CE certificate for ski mountaineering use. It likewise has connection openings pre-penetrated for both of Petzl’s two visor alternatives to be added on, a decent component for ice climbing that some ski-mo racers additionally use. It is a more affordable choice for individuals who prefer not to carry around and wear an excessively hefty ABS style helmet.

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Petzl Meteor

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Overview of the Petzl Meteor

Highlights include: 

  • Helmet’s Weight: 240 g (.5 lbs)
  • Low-profile design utilizing In-Mold construction with extended polystyrene (EPS) froth liner infused inside a lightweight polycarbonate shell 
  • Enormous vents for better airflow
  • Smooth finish 
  • Complete head protection 
  • The front of the helmet is explicitly intended for a combination of ski goggles 
  • Back flexible band is viable with ski goggle headbands 
  • The semi-inflexible headband can be changed effectively, even with gloves on 
  • Two clasps in front with a back flexible band for tying down a headlamp to the helmet 
  • Viable with VIZION and SKREEN eye shields 
  • Designed using the Petzl’s top and side protection technique
  • Little/medium and medium/large sizes 
  • Three color-ways: Gray, violet, and orange. 
  • Guarantee of 3 years

Specifications of the Petzl Bug

The most common aspect you should have in mind before purchasing a backpack is to know all the product specifications. Let’s take a look at this:

  • Dimensions (cm): 40x28x10
  • Back Length (cm): 40
  • Hydration Compatible: Yes
  • Ice Axe Holder: No
  • Material: Nylon
  • Removable Belt: No
  • Volume: 18L
  • Weight: 525g

Features of the Petzl Meteor

Material Used

The outer shell of the helmet is quite sturdy and is composed of polycarbonate. The shell has large vents for better airflow, which is suitable for ventilation. 


The Meteor sits on top of the head padded by two or three froth cushions, one on top and one across the front of the brow. In the back, the head is held set up by the customizable plastic slider band. The helmet is profound and stretched; however, you might feel some contact between your head and within the helmet in where there isn’t cushioning, specifically in the rear of the head. It is just agreeable when maximized change astute, so individuals with incredibly huge heads may be watchful and settle on another decision.


This helmet is more flexible than alternatives, which use only light webbing to hold the helmet immovably set up on the head. One can change the Meteor by fixing or slackening a sliding plastic band across the head’s rear. There are movable sliders on each finish of the band that click into little scores as you push them together to fix or slide separated to extricate as you push down orange release buttons. This system is not difficult to use with the helmet in your grasp or on your head. It additionally gives a broad scope of movability, so it settles on a fantastic decision for more than one individual utilizing a similar helmet. This system is likewise kind of simple to over-tight, so make sure to tweak the fit, so it’s cozy, however, not making a differential pressure.


This weight is moderately light. All things considered, its EPS and polycarbonate construction is as yet more than four ounces more lightweight than the ABS plastics, which may not seem like all that amount on paper, yet is very significant when on the head.


With 21 ventilation openings spread out over the front, sides, and back of the helmet, the Meteor is perhaps the most ventilated helmet that you can pick. Specifically, there are two vast and wide vents on the facade of the helmet, an area that appears to have a more important bearing on how cool one feels while wearing it, as it permits wind or air to enter over the brow and pass out the sides or back of the helmet.


Helmet certifications are very convoluted, and, regardless, the Petzl Meteor entangles the accreditations ever further by making another norm: a “ski touring” helmet standard that is ensured by CE. 

The explanation behind making another norm for ski touring is that the elevated ski helmet standard (EN 1077) has exacting necessities for the size and respectability of ventilation to guarantee that a ski post can’t infiltrate the vents or that a ski edge can only with significant effort harm a vent. In any case, the little vents that follow EN 1077 will not, in general, offer enough ventilation for higher-yield exercises like ski touring and mountaineering. 

The new CE standard for ski touring is intended to oblige the bigger vents needed for ski touring and other high-yield activities. Indeed, as per Petzl, the Meteor clings to elevated ski-helmet certification for all tests aside from the ski post vent entrance and ski edge vent impact. 

The Meteor additionally consents to the mountaineering helmet norms (which are fundamentally the same as those of ski helmets) and Petzl’s upgraded Top and Side Protection testing.


$89 for a high level, CE-affirmed helmet can be utilized for two or three distinct sports is very acceptable worth.

Pros & Cons of Petzl Meteor Helmet


  • Available in classy colors
  • Entirely movable 
  • Lightweight
  • It fits well with caps and shades 
  • Headlamp connection 
  • Guaranteed Skimo Helmet 


  •  Clips can draw in particles that keep it from shutting 
  • Neckband can work itself free 


The Petzl Meteor is a lightweight helmet that consents to mountaineer cap norms and CE’s new “ski touring” standard. If you’ve avoided helmets in the past because they were excessively substantial and awkward and you’re searching for a ski touring or mountaineering helmet that comes in at a sensible cost and lightweight, unquestionably look at the Meteor.

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Get the Petzl Meteor Helmet

Petzl Meteor

In Stock at Amazon from $89

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