Well, there is no point of doubt in the fact that food is the only thing that holds the power to bring together people. If you know how to cook like a master, then nobody can remain upset with you for a long time. One of the most enjoyed foods the people like to binge over is grilled food. Therefore, if you are looking for a great stove grill, then you have arrived at the right place. Here you will have complete information about the Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit.

Benefits of Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit:

If you are a big time lover of cooking, then you must know the importance of having the right set of equipment in order to cook delicious food at anytime and anywhere. When it comes to cooking juicy vegetables, grilling is the best option that you can ever have.

The Solo Stove Yukon is getting popular because it is the only cookware that allows the users to cook succulent and finger-licking vegetables and meats, along with the beautiful and tempting char-grilled lines on each bite. Before looking at the features of this stove grill, which can also be considered as the benefits, let’s have a look at the key specifications of the Yukon:

  • Easy set-up
  • 360° Airflow design
  • Cooks faster
  • Burns hotter
  • Stainless steel
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Cold-rolled steel
  • For fuel charcoal briquettes or lump kiln-dried chunk wood
  • 38.5lbs or 17.5 kg
  • 100 percent guaranteed returns
  • Lifetime guarantee


Solo Stove Yukon

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  • Easy to use:

With the Solo Stove Yukon, grilling has become simple and fast. You can take this to your outdoor activities without giving any second thoughts. With this grilling stove, you do not have to appoint a single grill master who spends most of the time grilling away from your group of family and friends.

Instead, with Solo Stove Grill, Yukon outdoor cooking and grilling is actually fun. You just have to keep the stove into action, and it will take care of your juicy meat and vegetables. Your whole family can enjoy interactive grilling sessions because this stove grill comes with a tall grill stand with a cooking height of 28 inches.

However, if you wish to have a traditional grilling experience, it also comes with a portable short stand with a 22 inch cooking height for seating grilling sessions. However, both of the stands are manufactured with powder-coated aluminum.

  • 360° Airflow design:

Now you do not have to put your time and energy into lighting up the fire in order to grill the vegetables and meat because the Solo Stove Yukon comes with a 360° Airflow design, which creates a convective heating environment within a few minutes. There is no need of making a mess with the charcoal of wood chunks in order to light the fire in the stove. All that you need to execute is put some pieces of charcoal in the dedicated area, light it, and the stove will naturally let the air flow, it results in perfect cooking conditions for the purpose of grilling.

  • Quick set up of fire:

You do not have to wait for the perfect timing to put the vegetables and meat to grill. It just takes only five minutes to set up the fire on the Solo Stove Yukon, and the charcoal becomes hot and ready within just 10 to 15 minutes. The best part of this stove grill is that once it is set, the same charcoal pieces can last up to around 45 minutes. You are not required to add charcoal in between the cooking sessions; therefore, it allows very fast and simplified cooking without putting many efforts.

  • Simple design:

There is no high-tech design given in this stove grill because then it becomes really typical to clean and handle the stove once the cooking is done. Therefore, there are removable ash pans, charcoal grates, and cooking grates, which makes it easy to clean all the intricate parts of the grill.

  • It comes with a grill pack:

To make cooking a fun experience, the Solo Stove Grill comes with a grill pack as well. In this, you will find all natural charcoal briquettes that are made with vegetable starch. In order to provide a clean burn at a time, no fillers or chemicals are added to these charcoal briquettes. As mentioned earlier, each grill pack fuel can last up to 45 minutes.

  • The bundle has separate grill tools:

To make grilling easy for you, heavy duty spatulas, meat forks, and tongs are included in the box of Solo Stove Yukon. All the tools are made with 304 stainless steel. They are designed very carefully in order to avoid all the grilling problems.




What you’ll get with the Ultimate Bundle:

  • Portable Short Grill Stand of 13”
  • Traditional Tall Grill Stand of 21”
  • Grill Pack of 4lbs
  • Grilling Tools Such As Spatula, Tongs, and Meat Fork
  • Grill Shelter
  • Grill Carry Case
  • Starters

Some Closing Thoughts:

Well, that is all about the Solo Stove Yukon. You should definitely get your hands on this latest and innovative stove griller in order to make your grilling sessions fun. The existing users of this cookware are happy with the results. The features that are available in its price range are commendable, and you won’t get them in any other grillers. Therefore, do not wait much and treat yourself to this great masterpiece.

Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit

Available at REI Online and Amazon from $499



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