Updated June 7, 2021

The world is opening its wings to travel again after a depressing year of lockdown, and it’s high time you got started with the shopping. Clothes, shoes, shades, check, check, and check, but what about the luggage? A new generation of travel calls for a brand new way of carrying the luggage, and well, camping backpacks are just the answer you have been searching for in this new era. Backpacks are one of the most comfortable forms of carrying your luggage around because of their flexible nature and accessibility. Having established backpacks as the best of our choices takes us to another important question. Which backpack amongst the plethora of options available in the market? Which is one backpack that can fit all your expectations without burning a hole in your pocket? We have brought to you the best of camping backpacks for the year 2021in this elaborate list today, and so what are you even waiting for? Get, set, and dive right in.

1. Osprey Aether AG 70L

Osprey Aether AG 70

We start with literally the best the world has known of and how? Osprey Aether AG 70L, available in three colors, is the dream of every traveler looking to find a way into a beautiful purchase. The backpack comes with a removable top lid that easily converts it into a day pack ideal for all your traveling rendezvous. The backpack is the most convenient option available for trekkers looking for a fully integrated back panel fit with Top to bottom suspended mesh wraps for shoulders, back, and hips. Additionally, the bag’s front stretch is adorned with zippered hip belt pockets and a Front stretch mesh pocket for quick storage of food and drinks and their easy access.

In Stock at Osprey and Amazon from $215

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2. Osprey Skarab 30L

Osprey Skarab 30 Hydration Pack

Looking for more of a day trip-friendly pack? Osprey Skarab is a good option for you. This backpack is 100% nylon making it waterproof for light rain and snow. It features a dedicated hydration slot that holds a 2.5L reservoir for water. With 5 exterior pockets, the Skarab Hydration Pack is definitely a winner for its convenience and quality from Osprey.

In Stock at Osprey and Amazon from $130

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3. Seventy2 Pro Survival Pack by Uncharted Supply Co.

Uncharted Seventy2 Pro Survival Pack

Heading out for an off-the-grid experience? The latest survival backpack from Uncharted Supply Co. is the new and improved SEVENTY2 Pro Survival Pack. It comes in at a hefty price tag, but well worth it for the amount of features this survival pack has. This pack comes jam-packed with survival goodies. First aid kit, emergency blanket, a water bottle, gloves, goggles, knives, a shovel, and even a survival tent. Get this ultimate pack before they run low on supply again. They often have overwhelming demand from government and professional groups. You can get the 30L shell for much cheaper if you want to skip the survival goodies and snag them on your own dollar.

In Stock at Unchartered Supply Co. and Amazon from $565

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Glamper Tech Editors Choice

4. MIER 30L Waterproof Backpack

MIER Waterproof Backpack

The Waterproof Backpack from MEIR is a fan favorite for campers, kayakers, fishermen and beach-goers alike. The pack has a sleek look but even cooler features. This is a 100% waterproof bag that will prevent heavy rain and snow from affecting your phone or camera gear. It even keeps your stuff safe from sand and dust. It’s built for comfort and is an ideal pick for the multi-sport camper. Coming in at $55, this is a must-have for your next trip.

In Stock at Amazon from $55

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5. Exped Expedition 80L Pack

Exped Expedition 80 Pack

A serious asset and must-have for deep woods and bushcrafting. The Exped Expedition 80L Pack is 100% waterproof and has a 5 year manufacturer warranty when you buy from Moosejaw. Straps are conveniently adjustable for the heaviest of gear. Grab this for your next overnighter.

In Stock at Moosejaw from $629

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6. Mystery Ranch Glacier 71L Backpack

Mystery Ranch Glacier 71L Backpack

Featured here is one of the best winter backpacks one the market. The Mystery Ranch Glacier Backpack has a clean look for both men and women and plenty of space to pack all of your camping and hiking gear. The design is built to withstand freezing temps. It has a compartment for sleeping bags, ice axe/trekking pole loops to secure bulky tools, and its super lightweight. This model can hold 71L of space and has a lifetime warranty.

In Stock at Backcountry from $349

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7. Gregory Stout 45L Pack

Gregory Stout 45 Pack - Men's

One of our favorite packs from REI is the Gregory Stout 45L Pack. Not only does it have a beautiful design, this hiking pack has some awesome features that shouldn’t be overlooked. The Stout has a pre-curved harness and a hip belt with foam padding that relieves tension on your hips and shoulders. It has plenty of space for a sleeping bag and heavy tools. This classic pack is a backpacker-favorite that comes in around $170. Raincover included. Get the latest version online here.

In Stock at REI and Amazon from $170

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8. Patagonia Black Hole Backpack

Patagonia Black Hole Backpack - Brown

Next up on the list is the classic Patagonia Black Hole Backpack specially meant to complement the wanderlust in your soul by being your perfect travel partner. Pair your travel shenanigans with this beautiful daypack to fit into your space and utility needs perfectly. Another essential thing to note is that these bags are made from a hundred percent recycled body fabric, lining, and webbing, which is a brilliant step towards a healthy environment and much needed sustainable fashion. With multiple storage options and padded shoulder and back panels, this is a perfect choice for you, and there should be no second-guessing that. Available in two sizes – 25L and 32L with multiple color options.

In Stock at Patagonia and Amazon from $129

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9. Eberlestock Bandit Pack

Eberlestock Bandit Pack

Next up is the Eberlestock Bandit Pack, meant to offer an exceptional amount of space for its compact look and style frame. You can choose to use this one either as your everyday partner or your travel buddy, and it will always make for a fantastic pack to carry. The Bandit allows you to experience the best in the class of backpacks for daylong hunts, hikes and overnight bushcrafting. If you have been looking for the best camping backpacks option that is both durable and functional, then this one right here is all you need. It’s a heavy duty daypack with about 16L of storage space.

In Stock at Black Ovis and Amazon from $129

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10. Duluth Wanderer Pack

Duluth Pack Wanderer Pack

Now this one is perfect for the experienced bushcrafter. The Duluth Wanderer Pack is designed for canoeing trips and camping trips alike. Buyers will enjoy the drawcord at the top to secure your gear and the side pockets with extra storage space. In all, this pack can hold a solid 24L of space for your sleeping bag, tent or tarp, and plenty of room for camp tools. Made in the USA and guaranteed for life. Grab yours before your next multi-over nighter.

In Stock at Duluth Trading Co. and Amazon from $280

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11. MT Army Survival Bushcrafting Rucksack

MT Military Army Survival Rucksack

The MT Army Survival Rucksack is simply one of the best budget-friendly bushcrafting packs on the market. It comes with waterproof lining material and offers up to 50L of storage capacity, leaving plenty of room for a tarp, sleeping bag, pad, and camp tools. If you’re new to bushcrafting, this is a great starter pack. The Army Survival Rucksack is durable and will last you for years to come.

In Stock at Amazon from $129

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12. German Army Mountain Rucksack by Mil-Tec

The bushcrafting starter is right here with the Mil-Tec German Army Mountain Rucksack, and it is high time we jumped on the bandwagon for all the right reasons. The bag comes in with a big main pocket with drawstring and cord stopper and 25L of storage space which allows you to fit a plethora of things quickly with the best of organization. The separated inside pocket with hook and loop closure and the two pockets on the side make it a win-win for all your savvy storage needs. Try the bag today to make use of the bag’s best in class carrying handle and several fixing possibilities for additional pieces of equipment that can literally be the answer to all your problems.

In Stock at Amazon from $68

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Glamper Tech Editors Choice

13. Mammut Lithium Pro Hiking Backpack

Mammut Lithiam Pro

Mammut Lithium Pro Hiking Backpack (28L) is one of the best the market has known and celebrated for its top-notch quality and style. The most affordable set on the list, this one comes with a mesh inner pocket and a comfortable style owing to its anatomically shaped, soft padded hip belt and shoulder straps. The bag’s height, adjustable flap with internal and external pockets, and large stretch front pockets make it a worthy option on your list to choose from, and we suggest you take the plunge. Your travel and trekking needs will be fulfilled to the brim with the help of this one, and it is time you made a choice.

In Stock at Moosejaw and Amazon from $139

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14. Hyperlite Mountain Gear Prism Pack

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Prism Pack

Headed out on an alpine adventure? The 40L Prism Pack by Hyperlite Mountain Gear is a must-have for adventures in the snow. Designed for ice climbers and mountaineers, the Prism Pack features convenient side storage for rope and easy access for trekking poles. It also has an axe loop and secure bungees to hold your handle in place. All in all, you get your bang for the buck with the Prism Pack and it is highly recommended for your next snow adventure.

In Stock at Hyperlite Mountain Gear from $395

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15. Lithic 50L Backpacking Pack

LITHIC 50L Backpacking Pack

Lightweight, durable and sleek. The Lithic 50L Backpacking Pack is a high-perfomance pack perfect for a weekend trip hiking and camping. It features an air mesh harness to help stabilize your gear while you hike, providing maximum comfort. For the price, you’re getting a solid pack that comes with everything you’ll need and then some.

In Stock at Moosejaw from $79

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16. Deuter Aircontact Lite 65L Pack

Deuter Aircontact Lite 65 Pack

Another REI favorite is the Deuter Aircontact Lite 65. This is one of the lightest performance packs in the game. Built for for avid hiker and woodsmen. The nylon material keeps your gear dry from snow, ice, and light rain. The best feature of this pack has to be its adjustability – from the harness to shoulder straps and pockets. It’s a comfortable fit built for a long adventure in the outdoors.

In Stock at REI and Amazon from $220

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BONUS: Brevitē Jumper Camera Backpack

Brevitē Camera Backpack

As the name suggests, the Brevitē Jumper Camera Backpack is trending favorite for backpacks for its premium space features. You can choose to fit everything ranging from your laptop, your camera to your tripod, and your lenses, and the experience will change the world of travel packing for you. The simplistic designs and the overall functionality has been designed keeping in mind the need for a feasible and accessible outcome, and this one right here is the stuff dreams are made of. Try this modern camera bag for yourself and get ready to experience the best of the market.

In Stock at Moment and Amazon from $99

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BONUS: Nomatic Navigator Travel Backpack

Nomatic Navigator Travel Backpack

Nomatic Navigator Travel Backpack is literally one of the best camping backpacks there to help you navigate your way into the traveling arena with its specifications and features. A 17-inch laptop pocket, a 32L to 41L expansion, and a durable, water-resistant body are what make it worth every penny you invest in the future of travel and packing. Along with this, the external carry straps and the tamper-resistant zippers take care of all your privacy and security needs on a trip making this a sure shot option for your consideration. The versatile design is built for the true weekender.

In Stock at Nomatic and Amazon from $399

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Backpacking, camping, bushcrafting, or even a jam with friends and family, camping backpacks allow you to experience the best of both worlds on your budget. Fit as much as you like and take one of our camping backpacks around the world without any hassle, and you will come back as delighted as you can be. Refer to the list mentioned above for more information, and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with this gear. 


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