Whether you’re on a short hike or an adventurous backpacking trail, these boots are sure to support your wildest outdoor adventures and help you to experience the natural world with all of its dusty, uphill glory. And the right pair of hiking boots will make your outdoor adventure much more fun. 

As an added bonus, we have compiled the best hiking boots that are all under $100 bucks. Search through and find your next pair below.

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Men’s Hiking Boots

Glamper Tech Editors Choice

1. Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator

Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator

Merrell’s flagship Moab 2 may not be your long-distance or ultra-rugged climbing shoes, but there’s a lot to like about them. What is it about the shoe that has made it so famous over the years? The lightweight yet planted feel, relaxed fit, and appealing price point are the most prominent features. Merrel’s men’s hiking boots are made of 100 percent suede leather and mesh and have a functional and compact build that seals out water to keep your feet dry during your outdoor adventures.

A closed-cell foam tongue keeps moisture and contaminants out of your boots, while the breathable mesh lining keeps your feet warm for long periods. In the heels, an additional air cushion has been added to withstand shock and provide flexibility. The Moab 2 is an excellent value for day hikers who stick to well-established trails.

  • Super Comfortable
  • Solid Price

In Stock at REI and Amazon from $89

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2. Skechers Relment-Pelmo

Skechers Relment-Pelmo

Skechers is a brand associated with shoes rather than hiking boots, but they have a pair that defies expectations and provides comfort in challenging terrains. The arduous and lightweight Skechers Relment-Pelmo hiking boots are made from durable sport suede and are designed to keep the wearer running regardless of the weather. The upper is mainly made of nylon and mesh cotton, and the insole is made of memory foam. Although the shoe is not ideal for off-trail climbing, some people believe it is a perfect casual winter boot that is well-built to lead you across harsh terrains.

  • Memory Foam Insole
  • Relaxed Fit

In Stock at Amazon from $75

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3. Wantdo Waterproof

Wantdo Men's Waterproof Hiking Boots

Wantdo’s outdoor appeals and shoes are unrivaled – this is especially true of its men’s waterproof winter hiking boots, which are mainly designed for winter outdoor use. The shoes are tailored for warmth when camping or cycling and are made of suede fabric, which keeps the feet comfortable in snow and water. The outsole is made of rubber and features 5mm lugs for increased grip and freedom of mobility on rocky terrain. The EVA midsole improves the boot’s shock absorption and comfort, while the removable PU insole offers much-needed cushioning to keep your feet warm inside.

  • Durable
  • Waterproof

In Stock at Amazon from $69

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4. Timberland White Ledge

Timberland White Ledge

The White Ledge mid-ankle boot is classic hiking footwear in Timberland’s men’s range, with an upper made of full-grain waterproof leather. It has a waterproof structure and is seam-sealed, making it suitable for any temperature, surface, or venue. The boots are not only comfortable and sturdy, but they also have a stunning performance design. The shoe’s EVA footbed and midsole, which have recycled cotton linings, complemented by rubber outsoles with multi-directional lugs for improved stability.

  • 100% leather
  • Sturdy

In Stock at Amazon from $79

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5. Timberland Flume

Timberland Men's Flume Waterproof Boot

Timberland men’s hiking boots are a well-known hiking boot brand. With many years of experience in manufacturing and innovating boots that are both comfortable and sturdy, the brand has gained a good reputation.

The upper of these men’s finest waterproof hiking boots under $100 is made entirely of full-grain cloth, and the fully gusseted tongue prevents debris from accessing the shoes. The low-profile multi-directional lugs on the solid rubber outsole provide excellent traction in all environments, mainly loose soil. These boots are great for hiking on rugged trails, have exceptional support while climbing, and are affordable.

  • Premium full-grain waterproof leather
  • Ankle support

In Stock at Amazon from $99

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Women’s Hiking Boots

Glamper Tech Editors Choice

1. Columbia Newton Ridge

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus hiking boots are made of high-quality leather, suede, and mesh and have a sturdy rubber sole for tromping along the trails. These boots are lightweight, comfortable, and economical; they have superior stability and are made of water-resistant and breathable fabric for optimum utility and comfort. Lace-up closure and matching color choices ensure a tailored fit as well as a stylish design.

These boots also have Omni-Grip, a multi-terrain stability system that ensures protection even on the most treacherous terrain.

  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight

In Stock at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Amazon from $79

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2. Merrell High Rise

Merrell Women's High Rise Hiking Shoes

Merrell is a long-time trusted brand for hiking gear. These particular boots have a solid synthetic sole and waterproof performance leather. They are super durable for how lightweight these are. The High Rises come in many different color options as well, which is definitely an added bonus. You’ll love the design and durability for years to come.

Block out the debris while you hike with the high tongue from this pair of Merrel’s. Get ’em online for as low as $69 bucks.

  • Performance Leather
  • Cool Design

In Stock at Amazon from $79

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3. Foxelli Hiking Boots

Foxelli Women’s Hiking Boots

Foxelli’s women’s hiking boots are waterproof and breathable, with a KingTex waterproof membrane engineered to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. These boots have been designed with a smoother and more relaxed fit in mind, with features that encourage improved air circulation, such as a breathable mesh collar and gusseted tongue. These hiking boots also have outstanding ankle cushioning and removable foam innersoles to protect the feet from blisters on long hikes.

Shock-absorbing midsoles cushion combined effects, while high-quality rubber soles provide grip and stabilization on uneven terrain. These boots are available in three different styles and come with two extra pairs of bright shoelaces.

  • Comfortable
  • Stylish

In Stock at Amazon from $84

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Top-quality hiking boots don’t come cheap. And, to be honest, the exorbitant prices can be off-putting if you aren’t going on serious, expedition-style treks. This is where the finest cheap hiking boots come in handy. At a fraction of the cost, you will find fantastic boots with the necessary protection, traction, and waterproofing. In other words, they make hiking open to all!

We hope you enjoyed our review of the the best hiking boots under $100 to help you find your ideal pair of boots for your next hiking adventure. Thanks for reading!

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